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Carme Pinós

After winning international recognition for her work with Enric Miralles, Carme Pinós sets up her own studio in Barcelona in 1991. Since then, she has combined her work as an architect and teacher in prestigious international universities.

Among her most notable award-winning works are the Torre Cube I in Guadalajara (Arqcatmón award, First Prize at the Spanish Biennial of Architecture 2008); the Juan Aparicio Seafront in Torrevieja (Prize by the professional association of Architects of the Community of Valencia 2001), the Pedestrian Footbridge in Petrer (Finalist in the VI Biennial of Spanish Architecture 2000) and the Schoolhouse in Morella (National Architecture Prize by the High Council of Spanish Architects 1995). In 2008 Carme Pinós was awarded the National Award for Public Architecture by the Generalitat de Catalunya, and she is honorary member of the American Institute of Architects since 2011.

At present, some of the many projects Carme Pinós is working on are the urban planning project for the historic centre and riverbank of Saint Dizier, France, the construction of a university building in Vienna, Austria, the tower offices Cube II in Guadalajara, Mexico, the Caixaforum in Zaragoza  -whose model was recently acquired by the Centre Pompidou -, the Regional Office of the Generalitat in Tortosa and the architectural set composed by Gardunya Square, Massana School of Arts, a block of flats and the back façade of the popular Boqueria market in Barcelona.


  • Juan Antonio Andreu
  • Flora Muñoz
  • Samuel Arriola
  • Holger Hennefarth
  • Elsa Martí
  • Roberto Carlos García
  • Clarissa Rosenow
  • Alba Batlle
  • Christian Zunftmeister
  • Daniel Cano
  • Eric Schuck
  • Iván Chamorro
  • Mònica Colomer
  • Alejandro Cano
  • Rafael Arbó
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