Objects is a collection of furniture designed and commercialized by Estudio Carme Pinós which abides by the same philosophy as her architectural projects.

It is composed of versatile products that allow users to personalize final results. Their aesthetics and functionality are founded on the simplification of forms; there is no gesture beyond the essentially structural. Thanks to a calculated disassembling process, furniture by Objects is easily taken apart and transported without having to renounce to sturdiness because of this.

Objects was born out of the will to value what is ours. An endeavor lacking a speculative spirit of any sort. An alternative that offers quality and is open to experimentation. All pieces are produced in industrial workshops of the Barcelona area under the strict supervision of Estudio Carme Pinós. This explains the degree of pampering that we put into each product and our ability to incorporate new solutions and variations according to our client’s demands.

Products by Objects can be bought on-line, in our showroom in Barcelona’s Gracia neighborhood or by getting in touch with us at shop@cpinos.com.


  • Juan Antonio Andreu
  • Rafael Arbó
  • Samuel Arriola
  • Roberto Carlos García
  • Jeanne de Bussac
  • Holger Hennefarth
  • Flora Muñoz
  • Carla Ros
  • Christian Zunftmeister
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